Fish With A Friend

2024 Season

Bring: Water, snacks, rod outfit, wading gear, streamers, & wooly buggers to all events.

For Trout events: Bring dries, BH’s, & emergers. For smallmouth (Jun/Jul/Aug); bring staff, poppers, wooly buggers, & insect repellent.

See Calendar of Events page for additional detail.

March 1 (Fri) Rapidan River John L/AndyH-10:00 AM at the junction pool. Bring Quill Gordon & nymphs.

March 13 (Wed) Hughes River Joe C/ToniC-10:00 AM at Old Rag Parking Lot/Upper End. Bring March browns & nymphs.

March 20 (Wed)-Rapidan River Cleanup/Picnic/Fishing/Chuck H 9:30 AM Criglersville ES.

April 1 (Mon) Mossy Creek FF 8 people limit $125 each. Email Joe C for Available slots and mail the check to him once confirmed. A time and meeting place will be sent out to those who will be attending.

April 8 (Mon) Cedar Creek Trophy Trout #1 4 or more 8:00 AM -5:00 PM, pay $80 at venue. Email Red B for confirmation.

April 17 (Wed) -Rappahannock River-Shad Meet at 6:30 AM in Fredericksburg at 336 Riverside Dr. – Host TBD.

May 11 (Sat) Bluegill Lake Fishing Meet at 7:00 AM at Crockett Park off Meetze Rd. – Host TBD

May 29 (Wed) – Dry River- Meet at 1:00 PM at Dry River Parking area about 5 miles west of Rawley Springs on Route 33 west of Harrisonburg. Fish until dark. Andy H –

June 5 (Wed) Fishing/ Picnic – 5:00 PM at Soldiers Hill Angus farm pond/March Wales Road, Warrenton.

July 17 (Wed) – Rappahannock River / Chuck H – Smallmouth Bass – 4:30 PM at Hogue Tract

July 31 (Wed) – SF Shenandoah / Elkton TBD

August 19 (Sat) – SF Shenandoah River 7:30 AM at the Alma Bridge location / Chuck H / Joe R – Smallmouth Bass

September 7 (Sat) Rapidan / Stanton River 7:00 AM // Joe C.

September 21 (Sat) – Phelps WMA Pond meet at 8:00 AM //Host /Joe C /FredK

October 1 TBD – Cedar Creek Trophy Trout #2 (pay $80 at venue) 8:00 AM -5:00 PM, Email Fred F for confirmation.

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Fishing Tips

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