Hello everyone:
This month’s meeting will begin 7pm Wednesday, May 1 at PATH building 321 Walker Drive in Warrenton.

For those who are interested, dinner is at 5:30 at Faangs restaurant.

Meeting Agenda:

The Budget is scheduled to be presented tonight 5/1/2024.

FWF events:

  • May 11: Bluegills-Meet at 7am Saturday at Crocket Park. Host needed.
  • May 29: Dry Run-Meet Andy H/host at 1pm Wednesday at Dry Run parking area, ~5 miles west of Rawley Springs on route 33 west of Harrisonburg. Green drake hatch trout fishing.
  • Speaker Presentation: Dr Nathaniel Hitt, Research Fish Biologist, WV.

Fred K

To learn more about our speaker Dr. Nathaniel Hitt (Than) please click on the button below to be sent to his profile page.

For directions to the Bluegill FWF click on the button below:

For directions to the Dry Run FWF select the button below once you reach the area continue on Route 33 until you see the parking on the opposite side of the road from the river.: